(Unfinished) Kythar and the Crimson Pillar of Graknaag

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Description: Moviestorm gave me another 14 day trial a couple months back, and I decided to take the opportunity to whip up a few more short skits. Unfortunately, whether it be my computer or the version Moviestorm itself, it was extremely tedious to get just what you see here done. Also, recording in-program no longer worked as well as it did before, which made it difficult to improvise the skit while filming as I did with my previous Moviestorm shorts, since I had to record the lines in a separate program. One day perhaps I'll have a better set up and the full version of Moviestorm where as I can continue making short skits like these, many more featuring Kythar, Prince of Darkness, as I have many ideas for him. Thought I'd put this out even though it's way incomplete, just because I think it's still sorta funny as is.
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