Two Men on a Bench (2018)

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Description: Description: “Two Men on a Bench” is a CGI 3D animated short film (HD) about two men, Walter and Bernie, sitting on a bench at the park. Bernie tells a joke to Walter but gets no reaction. Afterwards, Walter tells Bernie a joke but Bernie doesn’t understand the humor and gets frustrated. Comedy (2018) (USA) (2.7m). Background Story: I heard the film’s “dentist walks into a bar” joke one day while I was waiting at the doctor’s office. There were two senior men sitting in the row of seats behind me. One man told the joke to the other man who didn’t understand it. The situation was so clever I wanted to capture it in this short film. I added the knock-knock joke as a counterbalance to the first joke. I never turned to see what the two men looked like that day. I was afraid if I turned around they would know I was eavesdropping on them and be mad at me. The two men in this short film were designed with Character Creator to fit the cast description. Production: The 3D animation was made with iClone 7 (Reallusion), Motion LIVE (Faceware Realtime) and Kinect Mocap. Character Creator 2 (Reallusion) was used to create custom puppets for the animation. The park was built in iClone with Terrain and Speedtree. Assets were purchased from Reallusion’s Content Store and Content Marketplace. The popcorn was purchased from Free3D (Popcorn 3d model by IBBM Design). The popcorn cup was obtained from 3dsky (PopCorn by regiclick) and dog collar from cgtrader (collar for Marussia by 888). Additional assets were obtained from 3D Warehouse, Archive3D, or modeled and textured using 3D software. Assets were passed through iClone 3DXchange (Reallusion) in order to be used with iClone. The leaf graphic was acquired from DeviantArt (Falling leaf overlay by Kibblywibbly). Scenes were exported as AVI files and assembled in a video editing software. Music, sound effects, title and credits were added during post-production. Production was completed July 2018. Music/SFX Credits: Music was purchased from audiojungle/Envato (Double Bass by Aquavitae). Sound effects were purchased from Reallusion’s Content Store (The Sounds of the Country by Partners in Rhyme, Inc.) and audiojungle/Envato (Pigeon Coo Pack by helloearth74; Pigeon Coos 1 by LDj_Audio; Running On Gravel by CranberrySound; Wings4 by Pure-Noise; Bird Flapping Wings and Pigeons Wings by BASILION). Additional sounds effects were obtained from Orange Free Sounds (Medium Sized Dog Barking, Crickets Sounds Pack, Birds Chirping Sound by Alexander) and freesound (Wing Flaps by promete; BirdWingFlap by nicStage). Custom sound effects were recorded with a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder and Focusrite Scarlett Solo (Foley artist: Barry Long). Credit Links: iClone 7 - iClone Faceware - Character Creator 2 - 3DXchange 7 - Content Store - Content Marketplace - Free3D - 3dsky - cgtrader - 3D Warehouse - Archive3D - DeviantArt - audiojungle - Orange Free Sounds - Orange Free Sounds - Orange Free Sounds - freesound - freesound -
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