Trailer for Under the Shards of Athena

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Description: Trailer for my movie, Under the Shards of Athena (coming September 8th, 2018) -- The world of Marisia is encircled by a glowing ring known as the 'Shards of Athena'. Journey with Karagen, a Red Plains barbarian, as he ventures across this magical world. His quest: to seek out his former ally, the devious Wizard Delathrox. What people and perils will he encounter along the way? And what awaits Karagen at his journey's end? All will be revealed "Under the Shards of Athena"... Featuring TheBiz as Karagen BiggsTrek as Saladan JetCityWoman as Sister Alberta Sisch as Ice Maiden Anthony White as Delathrox Music by BiggsTrek Loops by Sony / Magix Sound Effects by / & Various SFX CDs Software Reallusion's iClone (v6) Adobe's Photoshop (v6) Trimble's SketchUp (v8) Sony's Vegas (v12) Sony's Acid (v7) Free Software Foundation's Audacity (v2) Props Alley, Apparition, Warlord, Wolfzone, Lord Ashes, Bestgreenscreen, TheBiz, Planetstardragon, Mel Holden, Benjamin Tuttle, Squirrelygirl, iFoin, Wil Veeke, Dexsoft, Raven2angel, mpulcinelli, 3dwarehouse, etc Directed by BiggsTrek
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