TES IV: Oblivion- Ep. 8 An Unlikely Ally (Skyrim/Oblivi

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Description: As the planned siege on Bruma approaches, Cavius and his companions must try and recruit troops to help aid them in defending Bruma. An unexpected stranger joins in. Hope you enjoy! I'm already starting on episode 9, so stay tuned! :) I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC!!!!! Cavius: PLD (Patrick Dunn) Melisande: neferankh (Phoenix Emrys) Narissa: Rrybnik Baurus: Jordan Moore Barid: Gabriel Wolf Jauffre: VoiceNaba Valdemar: Jesse Lowther Mankar Camoran: Gabriel Wolf Eldamil: Voltumnava (Tuong Klein) Chancellor Ocato: Steve White Witch Hunter: Jonathan Peake All other voices belong to Bethesda Martin Septim: Sean Bean A very special thanks to Nexusmods and all the modders and mods that I've used in the videos.
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