Requiem City Lockdown - Demo Reel

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Description: This is just something I put together to show that I'm still working on this thing. I've just been a lazy bastard recently, and getting mods and voiceovers is hard. This reel is a sample of scenes that I've completed for the project, demonstrating the editing style and atmosphere I've applied along with some dialogue. Writing-wise, there's alot of stuff I'd go back and change, but I've made too much to go back that far now. The scratchy film applied is also a stylistic choice, but I'm considering weather or not to include it in the finished movie. There will likely be multiple cuts. Voiceovers: Maxwell: Joster285 Lester: Bu Gilbert: TheBiz Asshole Cop 1: EastRoller Asshole Cop 2: Chris62 Mods: Ben Tuttle Rik-Vargard Sexy-Maria Steve45 TempleoftheGods
Categories: Action Science Fiction