NEW FIRST LOOK: Re-Release : Archive Of infinity

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Description: Re-releasing the animation with better sound The Archive of Infinity is about an intergalactic treasure hunter named Stella that is looking for the Archive. Stella cannot remember who she is from the time she was found as a child by a clan of space pirates. Raised and trained by space pirates she then left, and joined the Galactic Federation of planets. Stella became a solider and later became aware of the Archive while serving in the Galactic corps. She finds the link between her origins, the Archive, and the artifact she was found with as a child. Afterwards she sets out to steal all the artifacts to recreate the Archive, making enemies with the Feds and pirates in the process. Now a fugitive and running from the bad guys, and the really-really bad guys, she has to make a decision and gain support from people who can't trust her.
Categories: Action Science Fiction
Tags: animation