Mama's Pizza (2018)

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Description: "Mama’s Pizza" is a CGI 3D animated short film about Mario and his effort to make a TV commercial that promotes his restaurant. The director and clapper girl are frustrated with Mario but he eventually gives an awesome performance. Mama suddenly appears in the room and asks Mario what he is doing. Mario tries to explain but Mama doesn’t understand and orders Mario back to work. After returning to his job Mario talks aloud about the importance of advertising. Comedy (2018) (USA) (3m). Production: The 3D animation was made with iClone 7 (Reallusion) and the iClone Faceware Facial Mocap plug-in. Character Creator 2 (Reallusion) was used to create custom puppets for the animation. The film set and several assets were purchased from Reallusion’s Content Store and Content Marketplace. Additional assets were obtained from 3D Warehouse, Archive3D, or modeled and textured using 3D software. (The additional assets were passed through iClone 3DXchange (Reallusion) in order to be used with iClone.) Scenes were exported as AVI files and assembled in a video editing software. Music, sound effects, title and credits were added during post-production. Production was completed May 2018. Music/SFX Credits: Music was purchased from audiojungle/Envato (Accordion by sparta-spo; Italian Tarantella by Orchestralis). Sound effects were purchased from Reallusion’s Content Store (Essential Sound Effects Footsteps by Mark LaHive) and audiojungle/Envato (Saloon Door Close by Sound-Ideas; Household Silverware Box Set Down by Ghetty; Film Slate Clapping by Creative Tunes). Additional sounds effects were obtained from Orange Free Sounds (Jaws Theme Song, Fan Noise, and Realistic Swoosh Sound Effects by Alexander); and freesound (crash by pauliep83; Pots and Pans Crashing by oneOddEgg; record scratch by luffy; Jew's Harp, Single, A (H1).wav by InspectorJ; short outro 0R_11vc by Setuniman). Custom sound effects were recorded with a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder (Foley artist: Barry Long). Credit Links: iClone 7 - iClone Faceware - Character Creator 2 - 3DXchange 7 - Content Store - Content Marketplace - 3D Warehouse - Archive3D - audiojungle - Orange Free Sounds - Orange Free Sounds - Orange Free Sounds - freesound - freesound - freesound - freesound - freesound - More Details: For more details see my Vimeo channel:
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