Jack's Tale

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Description: a tale of Smiling Jack, a bad ass character from the vampire the masquerade games by White Wolf's World of Darkness...a non profit fan film made by The Movies game by Lionshead Studios 2005...the story (one of the many i hope) is of how Smiling Jack got cornered by human hunters from the Society of Leopold (a faction within the Inquisition who exist to pursue and fight supernaturals) in some shady part of a town...this is probably what would happen that night in a classic tradition of a storyteller A LA Vampire the Masquerade.. thank you for all the MODS...(i hope there will be more of them in the future) Beowulf71, MikeDBoing, Steve45 and all the rest that makes this movie possible (im terribly sorry for the long wait and the poor in game graphic quality version of the video) enjoy!