Cowboys and Ninjas Real Trailer

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Description: Yes, it's actually happening. My soon-to-be Return-to-form. Story so far: Morningwood, USA. 1862. A small quiet town in the west. A place where barely anything happens. That is until a stranger arrives in town on a carriage looking for a place to rest. Little is known about him, until another stranger arrives even later, but much more different. After causing a ruckus killing two of the townsfolk, he is brought to jail... but escapes, sends out a signal, and commits suicide his last words being \"Born a ninja, DIE A NINJA!\" BLAM! Now, the town is constantly getting invaded by small forces of these \"ninjas\" and it's up to the town's sheriff (Gordon Harrison), his fiance (Yoko), and the stranger from the beginning (Billy) to fend off these invaders. A battle will prevail. Gunslingers & Martial Artists. Bandits & Shadow Warriors. Cowboys... & Ninjas. Oh, and there's also a subplot about a couple expelled ninjas trying to escape the Land of the Future... of the Undead. Song used: Danzig - 777
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