Dreams I Have Dreamt

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Description: Jimmy Hewitt was a normal kid in high school kid. He gets good grades, has friends, and everything is working out well for him. Until he begins to have 'the dream.' The dream that would change his life forever. He has a dream that he is on a date with the most gorgeous woman in his class. Everything is going well, until a strange, grown man enters. Jimmy gets weary that something strange will happen, and it does. The grown man kills a teenage girl, who is with her friend. Jimmy has this dream every night, and he does not know why. He first does not know these people, but within a span of a few days, he is having a hunch. A hunch that sounds so ridiculous but yet, it makes sense. His dream will come true. So, Jimmy has to find out a way to stop it before it happens. Cast: Jimmy Hewitt: Jake Coffey Alice: Melanie Grieves Carol- Cathy Skyrim Mr. Bentley- Ian Alda Shaw- Ken White Dr. Miller- Ricky Grove Paul Ward- Andy The Aussie Elaine Shaw- Savannah Reynolds Mrs. Maarschalkerweerd:Alex Kleijn Marty: Jorge Campos Pharmacist- Darth Angelus Willard Rodgers- Nahton Tammy Love: Petlove Petshop News Reporter:Shirley Martin Convenient Store Worker: Monk Police Officer: Mefune Akira Written and Directed by Jake Coffey Music is by Rudolf Haas Special Effects is by Logan Payne (Steve3416) Filmed with Moviestorm Special thanks to: Shirley Martin Ben Tuttle Taralyn Cathy Ralph Steve3416 Chantal Harvey Lucy Georges
Categories: Mystery Romance Drama