Project Sadako Session 2

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Description: Movie by Buccura. Released March 20, 2006. Nominated for THREE TMOscar awards! Including; Best Actor: Sleeves Best Actress: Azuresama And BEST PICTURE! WOOOO! =D And WINNER of the Best of MoMc week three for Best Horror!! Warning: Not meant for those who hate a plot that isn't served on a Silver Platter. This is not supposed to make sense. Its supposed to make you think. Here at long last is the second half of my Surreal horror mini series. If you havn't seen the first movie, then watch it or this won't make any real sense. The story is ment to be very opened ended and not ment to make full sense. Your ment to draw your own conlcusions for it, but trust me when I say everything has a connection to everything else. Music credits Cannon in D, used from the Royatly Free site The Music Bakery. "Look Behind" by Spadger, from the Newgrounds Audio Portal. Voice Cast Azure: Sadako Myshinator: Margaret Buccura: Daniel PhredCetera: Coyote FoDooG: ??? Sleeves: ???
Categories: Horror Drama