Awakening: Chapter One

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Description: The first of a planned 6-part series called Under the Boot - TMOA intervened, and I never got beyond the second chapter. This is connected with most of my other science fiction flicks in a way that might not be easily spotted. Music: Highway Warrior by Teo Wei Yong/Creative Commons License Humanity by Justin R. Durban/Creative Commons License Resistance is Futile by Billy Sahner/Creative Commons License Always on the Run by Ruff Justice/Creative Commons License Where Danger Lurks by Gregory Davis/Creative Commons License Delta Fog by Hugh Pool and Scott P. Schreer/Creative Commons License Arabian Dance by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky/License purchased from Hubble Space Telescope image from NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute Voices: Hatcher: Brian Duffy Wendy: Jade Majewski Simmons: Mark Adler Jasmine: Sally Waite Allison: Nancy Hayes Sherri: Cheryl Griffin Harley Mack, Clint, Seamus: Ken White
Categories: Action Science Fiction