Bombshelter Part 2

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Description: 6 contestants on a reality show are living in a military bombshelter. When they start believe that the world above has destroyed itself, they soon learn that they don’t know what’s true and what’s not. Has reality TV gone to far? When is to much really to much? How would they or could they know, did the world finally slip into a nuclear armageddon? When a cast member turns up dead, their whole world goes upside-down and the fun begins… When the paranoia and fear set in, everything changes in this tale of reality TV gone bad. Starring Dulci Sisch Trewill7 AnotherNewDawn Sparky1512 ***with*** Goofparade DNR The Biz Mustacio26 Music from: Emerald Edge-The Main Theme “After the Fall” and “Something Dark” Armageddon 1969 (from the stock game music) because I always wanted to use it and this just worked very nicely, so yeah I used it. Moonlight Sonata-1st movement -Composed by Beethoven and performed by the Fulda Orchestra. They released this into the public domain, along with several other classical works and it’s used with permission under Creative Commons. Sound Design created by me with sounds I own and or created and or are apart of my own personal library of FX. I will likely release a whole bunch of custom content and sounds after the film is released. I will, with Guppis permission ofcourse, release the custom sets built for this film after part 2 is out for a bit. Overlays created by eobaggs & Alex Bradley (ALL custom for this film) Mods: Custom sets by Marvelous Guppi Movies Custom Mod add-ins and set parts from Rileyman Rik_vargard and his spacestation mod set BusStopWillie and his super evil genius ways and mods Lizard Eobaggs Tigereyes Dr_house Fraas Alphadrop Frenhofer If I missed anyone, please please tell me. Also thanks to: 8 eyed Fraas movies Skinshack There are a few glitches A special thanks to JazzX, MefuneAkira and K4ownzall for their help!! This is for my outstanding cast who makes this chatty oddball film work. Without them, I got nuttin but pretty pictures. They own this film, they really bring it to life. I really owe them a lot. Enjoy!
Categories: Mystery Action Drama