THE AVENGERS - Prologue "Rebirth" (pt.1 of2)

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Description: Marvel Legends, phase 1, series 1, episode 1 This is a non-profit fan-film produced with no intention of violating copyright laws. The "Captain America: The First Avenger" soundtrack and the "Thor" soundtrack are property of Walt Disney Records and Buena Vista Records, respectively. Based on characters appearing in publications and other media by Marvel Comics. Made with the video game "The Movies: Stunts and Effects". With thanks to the following modders of the 8-eyed baby community. alphadrop asaoleary123 bongoman darkwolf176 hati23 hisstorymn JessFranco Movies4u sanction27 sexymaria Skelch 7606314 Dimzy Doodle Disthron Fraasmovies frederis Helloiseeu JohanSturk MikeDBoing Rysto Stormwhitelab Ubernewbie Freak6010 MarvellousGuppiMovie sonsofawitch If you see one of your mods and have not been credited, please let me know. Voices by comicarmageddonfilms and sonsofawitch. ________________________________________________________________ Marvel Legends Chapter One: The Avengers. Episode 1: Rebirth Witness the beginning of a dark new reinvention of the Marvel Universe with The Avengers. Episode summary: In 1942, Steve Rogers, a frail but determined young man volunteers for an experiment that transforms him into Captain America, the Allies' greatest weapon against the Nazi deep-science group HYDRA. In 2015, a failed attack on a HYDRA institution in a Norwegian mountain leads SHIELD director Nick Fury to initiate Project: Avenger. Meanwhile, the heavens and Earth collide when the god Loki emerges... Series summary: When the former Nazi terror group HYDRA emerges in the summer of 2015, SHIELD assembles the world's mightiest heroes to fight back in the face of nuclear armageddon! The heroes are Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wasp, Ant-Man, the Hulk and Hawkeye. Episodes: 1. Rebirth 2. God of Thunder 3. Some Assembly Required 4: The Cube and the Abomination 5. Earth's Mightiest Heroes Rate, favorite, comment, enjoy!