Rough Transit (part 1)

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Description: Objective = Retrieve the case at whatever cost. Written by J. Latham. Yes. Someone crucial dies at the end of each part. :-) KNOWN PROBLEMS Bomb set up at the back end of SWAT vehicle, explosion at front. Edge of the city street is visible in like one shot. Malachi's eyes are visible in one shot Craig Eddix disappears from his car randomly. Paul FREEMAN doesn't seem to be carrying the case, but trust me....he is. :p There is a brief lip synch problem, but is hardly noticeable. CAST Paul Freeman - yeagmaster Craig Eddix - Krysstian Dex Karcy - sparky1512 General Malachi - BlazeLeeDragon Special Agent Richter - OD-Ork-Boy SPECIAL GUEST STARS (in order of appearance) Userjosh9874 TheBiz YamiMarik Biggstrek SnakeEater42 Jase180 MODS Science Chamber by pookashells New robot designs by pookashells Cryo-tanks by BusStopWilly 3 Building props (red, blue, sepia) by pookashells Night Vision goggles by ? FN90 S-G by MikDBoing Future Mini City by TempleoftheGods Living Room by Frenhofer City Street by Frenhofer Sexy Bar by ? (retextured by pookashells) "General Malachi: A Better Future" Billboard by pookashells Backdrops doctored by pookashells Medical Helicopter by Fraas Lasers pointers on guns by pookashells Overlays by pookashells Parking Garage by ? (Guppi?) Norad by MarvellousGuppiMovies (retextured by pookashells) Interrogation Room by MarvellousGuppiMovies Police Room by MarvellousGuppiMovies Cubicle prop by eobaggs Retextured elevator by pookashells Russian Highstreet by ? Mel's House by Melghoul Bathroom by ? Desert Eagle by 6-Headedmonster Cement/Dirt office by pookashells Striped/Dirt office by pookashells Space Station Props by Rik_Vargard Future Alleyway by Rik_Vargard Burned Makeup by samyhouse (retextured by pookashells) MUSIC Numbers Station by Derek Audette Bosa MaestroRage Elevator music (Royalty Free + Anonymous Author) Celestial Echoes by Reasoner Conclusion by Equation Lost Inspired by buscar5 (Off 8eyedbaby) SFX Sound Effects Studio Pro