Harry Potter and the deathly hallows (Part 1)

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Description: -Director/a: Kairi -kind: Adventures -place of filming: London -producer: Kairi Productions -language: Spanish -date of premiere: On July 11, 2011 -distribution: Harry Potter (Xavi), Hermione (Lara), Rum (Fincher), Reepicheep (Voldemort), Lupin (Ftoons), Smizeurs (Burton), (Mystical) Ginny, etc ... -synopsis: The First chapter of the last part of the saga. In this part, Harry, Hermione and Rum will initiate a trip to find the Horrocruxes for power like that to destroy Voldemort, who to his backs will dominate the Department for power like that to block Harry and to be able to find it to kill it. Meanwhile, the 3 will must initiate his trip alone, since for diverse circumstances they will finish alone in the field and from there, will must be able find like the Horrocruxes.
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