Stonehenge Is Our Temple

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Description: This is Our Temple. by Robyne Maria Dreamweaver. This is our Temple. On top of our Land. Eons of memories. The links, hand by hand. This is our Temple. The Sun we observe. Honouring daily. The passage of curves. The Sun when it rises. The Sun when it sets. The Moon follows closely. Erasing days debts. This is Our Temple. Hands off English H. The land we hold Sacred. No Money to fetch. We Honour our Ancients. And memories hold dear. Of all of the history. That bought Mankind here. This is Our Temple. This is Our Land. This is Our Heritage. So why are we banned? Poem c. R.M. Dreamweaver. 20.04.11 Robyne Maria Dreamweaver is an Artist, Poet, Playwrite and Seer, and a Light Warrior Priestess of the Loyal Athurian Warband. Narrated by King Arthur Pendragon and recorded at Scotland Lodge, Wiltshire. King Arthur Pendragon, crowned 'Raised Druid King of Britain' is the Titular Head and Chosen Chief of The Loyal Arthurian Warband, a Pagan Priest, and Druid Swordbearer with an unshakeable belief in the Divine and his place in this system and most widely known for his role as an environmentalist, and Eco-warrior. His battles with the British Government (in the form of English Heritage) and campaigns for the right of everybody to enter Stonehenge at the Solstices have earned him great respect among many. The Loyal Arthurian Warband is a vast network of people working together throughout the world towards a vision of Truth, Honour & Justice ( ). Stonehenge has been used over 5000 years as a temple, burial ground, a place of gathering, for magic, for ritual, and as an observatory. Built between 3200 BC and 1600 BC, Stonehenge lies 9miles north of Salisbury Hill in Wiltshire and is the world's earliest earthwork to contain specific lunar and solar alignments, composed of earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stones. That the Summer Solstice Sun rose close to the Heel Stone, and the Sun's first rays shone into the centre of the monument portrays the particular importance placed by its builders on the Solstice and Equinox points of the year. To Support King Arthur's call for the reburial at Stonehenge of the ancient cremated human remains (known as the Guardians) held by Sheffield University , please sign the following E Petition; ( ) Filmed on location at; Stonehenge c1500BC at Woods of Whimsy co The James Madison University, SecondLife. ( ) Soundtrack created with samples from Freesound ( ) Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1 License ( ) And from Kevin MacLeod ( ) for use of Also Sprak Zarathustra, Feral Chase Creative Commons Licenses Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 ( Filmed on SecondLife via Snowglobe 1.4.2. Made using Frapps, Serif MoviePlus X3 on Windows XP. Filmed, Directed and Produced by Celestial Elf 2011.
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