Attack of the Hobo's Part One

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Description: Movie: Attack of the Hobo's Part 1 Summary: Obama has passed a bill declaring that all citizens must pay hobo's ten dollars every time they pass them or else they'll go to jail. Pretty soon, everybody in Washington D.C. followed the law, and the world followed suit. However, the problems started when people began to run out of money, and become Hobo's themselves! Can Obama, and his crack team save the world? Or, will we all be asking for......CHAAAAANNNGEEEEE! Genre: Comedy//Horror/Satire/Making fun of 28 weeks later Cast: Dan Marshall: BlazeLeeDragon Kyle Farley: BlazeLeeDragon Obama: SnakeEater42 Drunk Hobo: Rjana Henderson Hinkly: TheCheetoBandito(VAA) Donna: SugarHighDD(VAA) Charlie: FredtheDuck Michelle Obama: TPK Malia Obama: TPK Sasha Obama: TPK Pack of Hobo's: FredtheDuck Vlad Bohman: FredtheDuck Hobo One: FredTheDuck Hobo 2: Rjana Music: Diablo's Suspense music Eobagg's Bad Ass Metal Music Enjoy!