Empire (Part Four)

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Description: The adventure continues... After Guntharis' victorious campaign against Ornaris, Lord Bryce and General Seth make plans for the defeated land of Ornaris, while Cecilia begins to contemplate her future in Guntharis. Meanwhile, Matthew's quest to visit the mother who gave birth to him in Guntharis, is being hindered as he is still being deceived by the false promise of two scheming Fallaris scouts named Pieter and Abel, who intend on bringing Matthew back to their new, consolidating camp for slave work instead of Guntharis as they promised. The trio venture on as they are hunted by savage land pirates and the angry leader of the land pirates, Al-Khouraan... Loaded with drama, adventure and action, Empire (Part Four) is a rollercoaster of emotions, as the story continues...
Categories: Fantasy Action Drama