Forbidden CIA Documents

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Description: Movie by Anykeyz. Originally released Feb 26, 2006. These images were shot in the 1930's It is strictly prohibited to the public to view any of the sequences included in this experimental video. These images belong to the United States Central Intelligence Agency. *Director's notes This is my most ambitious movie so far. Shaky, black and white images, weird soundtrack. Hope you'll understand the experience I tried to accomplish and rate it in consequence :) All backdrops were made from royalty free images. Sorry for some typos that made their way to the final cut :P (english is not my primary langage, I did my best :) ) For those who wants to know what I use to make a B/W and shaky images in 2001, I used a filter called augie64filter. I think I found it on The Movie Ressources website. Just perform a search on the forum to learn more about it :)
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