Superhero Junkies

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Description: By dubblehellox (If this is your movie and you would like it removed please contact us) Warning: this movie makes reference to drugs. VO version is finally here, the plot, a group of superheroes who get their powers from various drugs, i.e. "Mary Jane" has the power to slow her enemy, "Angelduster" has super-human strength,"Shroomhead" has a gun that gives hallucinations to enemies. Custom comic book style backdrops, custom music,custom special FX, multiple character VO's. to answer psychokatalog, no i dont have any fake accounts, but if you see some of the same people rating my movies, i ask my friends and family to watch my movies and give a fair review. which is ok, because if a movie isnt any good, and unfairly gets into the charts, others will rate it back out. WARNING:if you 1 star ninja this movie i will retaliate, that includes little kids with studios.
Categories: Action Comedy