Et Fille

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Description: ***Note: This movie contains some strong's not gratuitous, but it is realistic....if it bothers you, you've been warned*** Et Fille is the second film in the Last Rites mini-series. It was preceded by In Nomine Patris and followed by two additional films: Et Spiritus Sancti and Amen. For those who don't already know, the titles of the four films come from the Latin version of the traditional Catholic blessing: "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen." Father Thomas Hooker's gang of teenagers continues to kill as Detectives Ritchie Falcone and Jimmy Dunkel of the Violent Crime Unit try to bring Hooker down. But things are not what they seem, people are not who they seem, and knowing who to believe and trust has gotten very complicated. Series cast: Jase180 as Detective Ritchie Falcone Sparky1512 as Father Thomas Hooker AnotherNewDawn as Detective Jimmy Dunkel Norriefpb as Monsignor Thomas Shaw K4ownzall as Police Commissioner Edward Rauch Duffy as Lt. Joe Draper DNR as Detective Alfonse Donatto Mustachio26 as Josh FredtheDuck as Michael Andy_inc as Ryan SGPorsche48 as Stephen Marine101 as Jonathan Frosty_Frost09 as Tim Lynette as Judy Dunkel KingPengvin as Officer King theMonktheMonk as Sgt. Woolbur Docontheweb as Detective Martin Gina as Brenda and Sisch as The Whore of Babylon Music by Admultosanos. Last Rites Theme by Norriefpb Old Folk Funk courtesy of Norriefpb and Sisch, used by permission Transmission courtesy of FoDoog and Flanagan's Fog, used by permission Additional music by Jakes Fable, Creative Commons license Sound effects: The Freesound Project Blue Star Pictures sfx stingers purchased from Special visual effects: JohanSturk Tarison Rysto Dr_House Frooplet Meowan FraasMovies MarvellousGuppiMovies 6-Headed Monster BudBundysMullet Froci Extra special thanks to Gleem, Guppi, Rileyman, Derobrash, EmeraldEdge, Norriefpb, theMonk and Docontheweb for support and assistance. And continued thanks to all the people who contributed to this movie - cast, musicians, modders, and sympathetic ears - it's only with your collaboration that I'm able to even consider a project of this magnitude. I hope you all enjoy it. Ken
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