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Description: Walken is the Godfather of the Mafia in America. He is one of five brothers known as the BRONX BROTHERS. Walken has been in jail for 30 years for murdering his father and countless others. Since being released he had his only daughter Angelina assassinate President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, so that Walken's longtime business partner Speaker of the House George Bush, could become President. Secretly Bush has betrayed Walken by sending FBI agents after him and Angelina. Also Walken's last living brother Paul who is a priest, and his nephew Rocco have been trying to stop Walken's evil plans. At the moment Walken is interrogating a spy in his crime organization and Angelina has been sent to capture one of Bush's friends Frank and his girlfriend Britney. All the while Rocco and his wife Mary are enjoying their second attempt at their honeymoon on a private island in the Philippines.
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