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Description: ODYSSEY: EPISODE ONE "OLD WOUNDS, NEW BLOOD" A year has passed since the Pilot... The new Odyssey, completed and ready for action, undertakes what should be a simple patrol mission. With new crewmembers aboard trying to find their place, matters are complicated further when Albrecht is faced with someone from her past… Starring Goofparade, Sisch, Josephkw, Kwistufa, Sparky, thebiz. Introducing Marine101 and Lanna. Guest Starring K4, JohnnyEx and Chris62 Special Appearance Kuroken as Admiral Carpenter Running time: 54 mins 7 seconds. A coupla glitches snuck in sound-wise and there are one or two scenes that didn't come out quite right, but all in all I'm happy with it.
Categories: Science Fiction