Saving Grace

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Description: OLLIES 2009 Winner Best Sci-Fi Best Moviestorm film Best Mash-up film Best Screenplay Best Picture The Earth is slowly dying. The population is living underground. In an attempt to find a new home for humanity, teams of one human and one Artificial Intelligence Companion are send out into the vastness of space…. This is the story of Grace. Cast AnotherNewDawn - A.I.CO. Goofparade - Dylen Sisch - Grace Soundeffects by BudBundysMullet (TM sounds) Magix Filmed with Moviestorm Moviestorm modding by Davidwww Willshetterly The Movies Stunts&Effects TM modding by Alshten – Augie64 – BudBundysMullet Daninsky – Dr.House – FraasMovies MarvellousGuppiMovies – Melghoul Rik Vargard – Rileyman – Tarison Space footage filmed in X³ Terran Conflict Background footage by Rendered in Magix Video deluxe 2008 Plus Magix Video 15 Pro SFX Prodad Vitascene Fxhome Written and directed by Sisch Special thanks to Norrie Overman Killian Ken – for TMU