The Great Balloon Adventure1783

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Description: The Great Balloon Adventure of Messiuer Jean Francis Pilatre de Rozier & The Marquis d'Arlandes. A Dramatic interpretation of the remarkable and world changing first flight of men in a hot air balloon that occured at 2pm on November 21st 1783, the Chateau de la Muette at Bois de Boulogne, in France. Here the scene is recreated at The Duchy de Coeur by kind permission of the Duc and Duchesse of the Duchy., And filmed partly on location at The Tatiana Tea Rooms courtesy of the Duchesse Tatiana. Acting as Mssr de Rozier, FreeSky Republic, As The Marquis d'Arlandes, Trasgo Beaumont of Le Grenier Chateau. The Duc & Duchesse, Bedrich Panacek & SkyRyder Varriale, Also acting; Frangipami Lmako, Etoiule Soulstar, Yaru Ragu, Princess Lacombe, Van Caerndow, Pekel Panacek, Origionally in a Balloon by Ettienne Montgolfier, here the Hot Air Balloon is by Koshari Mahana of Four Winds. Period music includes interpretations of; Mozart' Divertimento k131, Sacrlatti' pieces for Harpsichord, k001, Couperan' L'apotheose de Lulli, Handel' Royal Fireworks, J.S.Strauss' Also Spak Zarathustra.
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