A Boy and His Gerbil

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Description: People release scenes from movies and call them trailers, right? They do? Good, because that's what this is. Not quite how I imagined this (had to cut out all credits and drastically shorten the opening), but hopefully it retains all of the funny. And I double-checked; all the lines are there. Anywho...here it is, regardless. Made exclusively for Mefune Akira's Trailer Contest: A Boy and His Gerbil! VO's --------------- Hotwax - Geek FallenThomas - Army Guy Kuroken - General TheBiz - Mom Mods -------------- Alleyway as Prop - Rysto Library/Library Prop - Frenhofer Earth Overlay - CruleWorld Music -------------- News Intro - MixCraft Toxic - Andy_Inc Taking Names - Bruscar5 That should be it! If I missed anything, let me know! Hope you enjoy!
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