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Description: No real dialogue for this one and the story may not make sense unless you’ve read this story in the Bible. …And now I can say I made a movie themed in the religious genre. Hope no one is offended that I did a religious story. This story is straight out of the Bible. I inserted other stories I read from different timelines in the Bible and also used my imagination. Everyone has their own interpretation and this is my version (even if you don’t fully agree). For those of you who thought the Bible was boring…think again. There are stories of demons, magicians and magic, sorcery and fortune telling, harlots and prostitution, murder and mayhem. This is just one of the stories. Watch as one day Jesus walks through the temple with Peter, James and John. This is just one of my favorite stories where I learned that in life, it’s sometimes okay to be angry as long as it’s for the right reason. Commentary (Don’t read until after watching) This is for those who didn’t understand some of the scenes or thought I was mocking or being blasphemous. The story is based only on two scriptures in the Bible…so I inserted other scenes from the New Testament to add to the story and some also have symbolism for things that happened: Jesus had compassion for the sick and the poor. I combined the beggar, blind man, and the crippled all into one character as he is being healed by Jesus. The healed man leaps for joy and thanks Jesus before running off to tell everyone of the miracle. The salesmen who were selling various things stood for the pots that held the water, which was later, turned to wine. The man selling the fig trees stood for the fig tree that Jesus cursed and it soon wilted because it didn’t produce any good fruit. The man selling books on subjects that Jesus obviously didn’t need help with, such as magic tricks, public speaking, and representing yourself in a court of law. No…Jesus didn’t really sling all those people in the air but the meaning stood for casting out the devils that some were possessed with. Occult activity was very active in that time period. And then the final ending where Jesus turns to his disciples and looks at them to let them know there is a journey ahead of them and it was only the beginning…and then finally they make their decision to follow Jesus. Then one of the disciples turns back (not because he changed his mind)… but he lit a torch as a symbolism of let the Word be a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path and also Let your light shine.
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