Bite Me Part 4

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Description: Bite Me Part 4 of 12 parts. The movie is predominately made with The Movies and Stunts and Special Effects with some iClone 4 and edited with AVS movie software. (I've owned iClone for a month and I’m integrating segments into some scenes.) Special props and sets kudos to: Fraasmovies, Tarison, Ozman69, 8eyedbaby, Pookashells, Marvellousguppimovies, Sturk and DOJ. Also thanks to where I found many great props. Director's comments: In Part 4, several shark attack scenes have been reshot with iClone. Part 3 recap: While playing with her dog on Medina Beach, Jen Bolten discovers the remains of poor Ashleigh Gallo. Brendon Toady, Santa Cola's chief of police, now has two mysterious deaths, both within a 24 hour time span, to investigate. Mayor Cone assures the chief both incidents were nothing more than boat accidents. However, when marine biologist Catlynn Cooper arrives on the island from the mainland, she tells Toady the responsible killer is a rare and exotic deep sea predator known as a vampire shark.
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