Eldritch - Apocalypse Then (Part One)

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Description: Meet John Eldritch, London's Night Hunter; a man whose destiny is to defend the night against the Dark. Might want to watch full-screen, as most of this takes place at night and is therefore a little dark :) There are a couple of instances of semi-ripe language as well, just so you are aware. Part One of a new mini-series, written by Macwemyss from an original idea by Killian. ---------------------------------------------------- Credits for Part One:- Killian Macwemyss Bezzer ---------------------------------------------------- Written by Killian and Macwemyss ---------------------------------------------------- Mods by Davidwww Bongoman Pak1234 Squirrelygirl PapaG Chris Ollis (Moddingstorm) KV Theme: Fefe Dobson - Take Me Away
Categories: Horror Action