We Closed Our Eyes

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Description: Movie by Chocolatemouse. Released January 28, 2006. I not know how to discribe this movie. It is a part of our memory, a tear we will always have in us, i am french and in me the feeling to have been betrayed by our politics, to have betrayed our democracy ,is still a wound. it is our history, our memory The speechs are historical hitlers ones ( the first one is a ranting against political diversity) At first i was working on something completly different, but quickly it became this testimony as if the idea had it own life, was using me. I not consider this as a movie or as something i own, as my own idea. It is just a testimony , an homage, i not wanted to do it by the view of one side , or by the use of main characters. It is just one moment in history, a testimony of our errors.An european view on this time of history. Sadly too the completly lack of european sets, costumes, cars, made me not able to work more on it, to show more. It is ner impossible with how is the movie game actually to do something with an european taste, i was not able to add more or it would have been false. I want to appologize for the english mistakes, it is not my native language. I decided by irony to put thi movie in science fiction as historical or drama categories not exists. The music is the Requiem from Mozart.
Categories: War Drama