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Description: Movie by Tamptak. Originally released Jan 10, 2006. Winner of the "BEST HORROR PICTURE MoMc Golden Skull Award"! Thank you very much! GERMAN VOICE OVERS WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES! Three young men are sitting together and they are tell about some urban legends. But be careful: some stories can be true! This movie is inspired by "Urban Legends", one of my favorite movies. But it's not a "remake" of the movie: it's a new story of "Urban Legends"! :) A girlfriend of me do a lot of work, to translate the german storyline into english subtitles, so I hope, the english speaking community will enjoy my movie. Special thanks to the english speaking audience, which have watched my movie so far. I guess, it's laborious to read 12 minutes long english subtitles ;) Therefore: Thank you very much for watching! ...And be careful in future if someone will tell you a "urban legend"... muahahah ;)
Categories: Horror
Tags: german legend