GRAYSKULL: The Rise Of Hordak Part 1

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Description: Here we go! Part one of the sequel to grayskull! as always, thanks to the cast, who i know have had to work around real life issues, illness and other things, but haves till managed to deliver some quality work. in this first installment, we have the talents of: Johnny Ex as Keldor/Skeletor Orky as Hordak Joseph KW as Adam/ HE-Man 6HM as Duncan Bella as Teela TINMAN as Battlecat Fospherous as King Randor Dulci as the Sorceress and the multi talented GOOFPARADE as Beastman, Tri-Clops and Mer Man thanks also to bud bundy's mullet for his superb castle grayskull model, and music comes from the Age of conan soundtrack, and the From Hell Soundtrack. hope you enjoy this first segment, lots more action to come!