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Description: GRAND PRIZE winner of Harb40's Passion Contest 2011. This year's contest required that we focus on the conflict between right and wrong. So I immediately came up with the idea of a police mystery drama, with a twist on just who is the villain and who is the victim. This being another one of my serious films, I think an explanation of the "message" may be in order, so here it goes... (SPOILER) As the movie opens, a brutal killer slays a hapless girl, just as the police arrive and gun the villain down. My goal was to make the audience cheer for the cops and not even question why they didn't identify themselves or give the killer an opportunity to surrender. As the story progresses, more is revealed about the structure of this society, and how the rights of privacy, freedom of speech, and due process have all been diminished (if not altogether eliminated). However, it is presented in the context of solving a murder mystery and may arguably serve the interests of justice by eliminating these procedural hurdles. (Although some viewers by now are suspecting this may not be a good thing.) It isn't until the end that we realize it is this power and authority that the state holds which is the root and cause of the problem to start with. The government, due to the power it wields, is free to commit atrocities without having to answer to the people it is supposed to serve. So now we come to a view opposite from that presented at the start of the movie--which I think is a great way to conclude the film (with twisted symmetry). I created this film based on the current political trend in the U.S. of trampling civil rights in the name of serving justice and protecting the people, and ponder at what future this will ultimately lead to. In sum, the message is that we are, even now, being "programmed" and influenced by the government (via the control of mainstream media), and it is in our power to learn the whole truth and think and act for ourselves. As a side note, I deliberately used the same StarMaker actor for the roles of detective Paul Rade, Tyler Shields (Christine Shields' son), Horatio Harris (the opening sequence's serial killer) and Dr. Pierce (founder of Scion). All these roles were also voiced by the same performer, Goofparade. The reason behind this is my subplot of Dr. Pierce creating his perfect citizen template from his own genetic material. Thus they all look similar, and sound similar; note that detective Norton at the start of the film even asked of Horatio Harris "Doesn't he look like the guy we took down last week?" All the people with the "P sequence" look similar :)