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Description: By InnerFilm If you are going to watch this movie I recommend watching it in full screen if you can. The story is fast and the editing is furious. --- I would like to thank TheMoviesResource and the voters for making this a hot pick. It's a real honour. ----- Some of the things I wanted to do wasn't doable when I made It. Today when the M.ED has been released, it's possible to do it - I think. check out: It would be very fun to do a remake to fix some of the issues you all have mentioned in your reviews. But since I'm currently rewriting the film into a real film - It'll have to wait. This test-version has helped me to find out what I want to do with the real version - and a lot of your comments has been really helpful and appreciated. One of the comments has been about the lack of narration. This will not be an issue in the real version. ----- I wanted to mix genre and tone with this one. It's slapstick. It's horror and psychological horror. It's almost like a music-video and got some silent-film-flavour. I think the genre is: Psycho-Slapstick-horror. It has a story - but it is not about reality - or maybe it is. I like to see it more as an experience than a real story. EDIT: December 27. 2005 (Spoiler!!!): After reading some of the reviews and since this film is getting somewhat old I want to explain the idea and story of the film - But watch it first. It's a film about an old woman that tries to do something about her loneliness. She goes to town and calls her own phone, runs back, answers it, and start to talk to herself. She is so amused by this little practical joke on herself that she repeats the stunt. After doing it a lot of times she is suddenly called up on her mobile-phone (wich she must have forgotten?? this is a big plot-hole, I'll admit that) by herself in her cottage. The second part of her is furious because she's calling her all the time. The old woman is somewhat puzzled and goes back to her home to find herself sitting in her own chair. She tries to go inside, but her alter-ego blocks her path. And not only that, the alter-ego calls all the clones the old lady has created during the day, to stop her. They all gather to take revenge on the poor old lady. She is then haunted by all the 'clones' that her mind has created during the day. In the end she is hit by a car. This is a real car from the real world. People gather around the body, shocked. The last picture of the movie is the old woman lying on the ground. She opens her eyes. What does she see? Answer: Real people.... If this is your film and you would like it removed please contact us.