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Description: *UPDATE: One of the five finalists for the Mefune Akira Trailer Competition 2010!!* My entry for Mefune Akira's Trailer Competition 2010. Kinda like X-Men, but more Scottish :) starring Norrie as Wonder Norrie BenTuttle90as Gerbil Act3Scene24 as Nerd Stvndysn as Cameraman BricksFilms as Nazi Soldier 2 Orky as Nazi Officer Sonya as Groupie BlazeLeeDragon as the Narrator and Macwemyss as Supermac and Nazi Soldier 1. Mods by FraasMovies MarvellousGuppiMovies Asaoleary123 BenTuttle90 Rysto Dr_House Tarison Hati23 Sanction27 Lizard JohanSturk Walvince Yalrok NickPalumbo Busstopwilly Sprw32 Frenho DorianRust and Reacher. Music from Shaolin Soccer. All comments and feedback much appreciated. Hope you enjoy the film! :)
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