ANGEL OF DEATH...Lessons in Violence

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Description: Angel of Death...Lessons in Violence. This story takes place in Tango's Jazz Club. It opens to a man trying to tell you his story...but he keeps getting interrupted by a group of troublemakers bullying the customers in the bar. All he wants to do is be alone and think about his old life he used to have. Commentary: (Don't read until after watching) This is also the pilot episode of a story series called The Angel of Death. I know I know...I went a little overboard on the fight and punching scenes. I should have edited and trimmed down the bullying punching scenes. I guess at the time I was in the mood to show how cruel people really are as bullies and how bystanders will usually just stand there and watch and not help. Also...someone commented and asked why I had the characters to do ninja dives and flips instead of just leaving the room. My only answer is...people do extreme things during extreme situations. I know I probably would.
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