Finding Mercy - Part 1 of 2

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Description: Second movie in the Mercy series. The sequel to "Searching for Mercy". In this parody-thriller, Melisande's search after her kidnapped friend takes a nasty turn when she faces all the might of Vlad's gang, including vampire cheeks, vampire dudes and Dughbert the Amazing Skelington.... Will Melisande find Mercy? Does she know what she's up against? who can save the actress from her own sheer inability to act? Cast Melisande - Little Owl Mercy - Little Owl Vlad - Moonshadow Rogue Ritana - Moonshadow Rogue Dughbert - Moonshadow Rogue Daria - Moonshadow Rogue nspector Prik - Moonshadow Rogue The Dicktator - Moonshadow Rogue Mystery Woman - Moonshadow Rogue Medibot X-509 - Moonshadow Rogue * note - I've originally exported it out of TM in two pieces (to avoid the atrocious sound sync bug) and so it is here that way. If you like this first part, please go ahead and watch the second
Categories: Horror Action Comedy