The Light in the Dust - Part 1

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Description: Enter the shadowy world ...of The Light in the Dust, ...where death is for the fortunate. A film by Kate Lee, Lizard & Sherwin Liu PART I: Corpus Meum ("My Body") Jon is a man who has lost all that mattered. The life he had once adored taken in an instant with the loss of his wife. Tortured by the sudden and horrifying events of her death, he has lost any hope of making it through this world alone. He soon finds out that there are things worse than death. Part One follows Jon on a journey as he learns more than he could ever imagine about the outside forces that have destroyed all he has cared about. This movie does not necessarily spell out its story, and encourages the viewer's rationalization of the events that happen on screen. We think enough hints and clues have been provided. But, if you insist in knowing what the plot really is, you can email us at The motif of the story was conceived by Lizard inspired by Anne Rice's The Tale of the Body Thief, and the TV series, Quantum Leap.
Categories: Art House Horror