Outback Al

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Description: By Silly-Monkey-Studios (If this is your movie and you would like it removed please contact us) Holy shnikes wahaglagababa daba ding dong whoozits Outback Al is released Saldy there were a few technical errors 1. In one scene it exported it with Al in his normal street duds instead of his correct costume for the scene...it would take to long to go back and fix it so I just let it be 2. My computer had a meltdown mid edit and I lost more than half of Marine's lines and a chunk of Al's (seriously I can't find em). So sadly I removed a big part and replaced Cluck's speak with subtitles (and SFX to make it sound like he is speaking a different language) So that's all NO SOUND SYNC BUG! Enjoy Outback Al Starring... -Kwistufa -andy_inc -FredTheDuck -Yodabob -Ubernewbie -Marine101 (even though I lost all his lines I'm still crediting him) -FlatEarth Mods Sets -Fraasmovies -City Street by Froci Music -8eyedbaby & ShyShy Overlays -BerkleyJL -Me Props -stydnsyn -Fraas -8eyedbaby (And the modders who are on there) .
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