The Dead Dont Talk

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Description: Movie by Alpha Omega. Originally released July 29, 2006. The Dead Don't Talk is a new summer blockbuster from Alpha-Omega Films. The story follows a slipping hitman, Tommy who is "so tremendously cool it is unreal."(02PARSIM), played by Courtney Lea[not-so-nice-word!] who's performance "...was definately up to a five star standard."(02PARSIM). Tommy is tasked with the assissination of a witness to one of his jobs. Unfortunately, this job goes terribly wrong! The witness has gone to the FBI and they have set a trap for him. Their daring capture attempt leads to an intense car chase that "...was just a spectacle to behold."(02PARSIM) and an unbelievable shoot-out that rivals even the biggest action films to date! The Dead Don't Talk is the film with "...superb editing and use of camera..."(kos7 This movie has been hailed as one of the best action films on TMO. Unfortunately, it is extremely under viewed. It would be a shame for anyone to miss this "Very impressive... outstanding, well-written film."(Ninette1).
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