Haunter Sunset Demonstration

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Description: From my blog: This may not be that exciting, but as I continue on with 'The Haunter Of The Dark', I find I want to share some of the results I am achieving. The above sunset is one such result. Just fiddling with the HDR and IBL settings of iClone 4, I came up with this little gem without that much hassle. The software is really very good. The piece is still a work in progress (it's missing the foreground, for example) but shows how pretty HDR can be. I've also done some nifty animated sequences, too (avatars, props, etc) that came out far better than expected. I'd share those, too... but then there'd be nothing left to show when the movie is done! Soldiering on! (The short piece of music is "Eerie Delight", by me)
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