Punk The Zombie

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Description: 2007 GAGA Nominee!! Best Music Video Best Character Best Costume Best Non-VO Movie My Fable Competition Entry Can an ethically challenged Super Hero find his moral compass in time to save himself and mankind from the zombie invasion? Lightening Volt has the power to harness electric energy into bursts that allow him to teleport objects, other beings, and himself. This is a sight gag movie set to the Fable music so crank up the volume. You do have to pay sharp attention to this to understand the story but your efforts will be rewarded. MODS: ozman69 -blankskin bus stop willy- HypnoGoggles, latex heads fraas - watermod blinding light - monkeybiz (I played around with the file names to create 2 additional effects) rogue- Flash costume (Retextured by me! My first mod -sort of) I want to thank the guys at DCModding.com for answering my questions and helping me through retexturing the costume. If you haven't checked out the site yet you should. Notes: I started this film as a sight gag movie before the Fable competition and added the required plot which also added some of the best gags. The idea came from something I wrote on an index card about 15 years ago and came across recently. I was going to do a "one minute of happiness" type quick movie but just kept getting more ideas. When the Fable competition came about I decided to stay true to my music video/sight gag vision and not include voice overs. I wasn't lazy.... it was a challenge to use visuals to carry the story. I should have zoomed in on the thumb nail a little more... that's Lightening Volt's face peering through the Zombie's hole. Comedy, 2014 Digital Stock, Digital Recording, Digital Camera, Digital Sound Originally Uploaded to TMO on Monday 25. Jun 2007 Length 7 mins 40 secs
Categories: Fantasy Action Comedy