Too Many Monkeyshines!

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Description: "Want to know what happens when two showgirls meet a jungle gorilla? No? Too bad!" Originally produced out of contractual obligation and intended as a B-picture, this picture quickly became Global Film Company's most embarassing success. This embarassment was particularly keenly felt by its cast, who despite giving it a fair shot mostly hoped the picture would sink quickly in a rapidly changing movie market. Instead it inexplicably became popular, and its principals quickly ran to take more serious roles in future productions. The film's syndication to TV and video did not help. However, sales of the film's two songs as a 45 single did lead to Corinne Callois and Sharon Swain's all too brief musical career. Directed by Kevin Storrie Released April 1960 Note: This video was made using the standard game, hence the short length and general stupidity.
Categories: Comedy