SUPERMARKET CONCEPT- the virtual learn possibility -language

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Description: * S & L * EXCLUSIVE * WIKO SUPERMARKET CONCEPT- the virtual learn possibility -language english WIKO supermarket concept --the virtual learn possibility -language english It is a big project and the implementation did cost a lot of time, together with my team we worked more then 250 hours on it. What can you expect? You enter a Supermarket, which looks much as a Supermarket in real life. You buy the things from the shopping list with a click on the product ,when ready you go to the register. The school gets the info how long the shopping took and with how many errors. It's a cool way to learn English with fun . More languages are possible, a meeting to test the Supermarket also. Have a question? You want a design change? No problem , IM or write me in Second Life you are welcome Lucie Wiefel
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