The great star war - small stories

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Description: This is a trailer for my own creation of a \"Scifi Universe\" that should \"host\" in future my machinimas. Short translation of the german text: 1. Guy: "Evil hero" of the universe: Republican commander of the fleet. 2. Guy: "Rebel": Ex-officer of the republic. 3. Sislik is a troublmaler alien. 4. 2 guys of one planet defense. 5. Republican elite fighting force in servo battlesuit. 6. Robot battlegroup: Artifacts of elder aliens, reprogrammed by rebels. 7. Very evil alien that turns the victims in kind a zombies. It is a bit Star Wars and looks a bit like Star Trek - but is completely different. It has no great fx and is not fancy edited. It should show, that this all is not necessesary, to tell a story and create a very own \"universe\". Fx, AfterEffects and complicated logos don´t tell stories - but they cost time. Lots of time. And I don`t have time. At least: It resulted in a small, nice machinima. And I hope I find the time to really create a series to this tiny \"begin\".