Mr. Chaplin and the Nude Painting - A short film in Second L

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Description: A melodramaticomedyrotic short movie filmed in Second Life on the Sims of Paris Eiffel, Les Champs Elysees and Paris 1900 (Museum of Paris). Mr. Chaplin - Zephyru Zapedzki. Nude Model - Breeze Underwood. Music: Charlie Chaplin (City Lights). Directed and Produced by Zephyru Zapedzki. Zephyru thanks to Breeze Underwood, Saddam Triskaidekaphobia, Ppmediadev Blinker, Ben Shirakawa, Byturra Tenk, Ronin Devinna, Violeta Yakan, Nuno Chapman, Gayle Cabaret, Hadji Ling, Spider Mycron.
Categories: Comedy Romance Drama