Grayskull: Part 6

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Description: time for part 6 now, as adam finally begins to understand the meaning of courage, and skeletor discovers just how big a threat he could be.... as always, many, many thanks to the wonderfuly talented cast on this one, they truly were superb. also fans of the origonal show should look out couple of nods to the 80's filmation series. : - ) anyhow, on with the credits: cast: JohhnyEx: Skeletor JazzX: Zodak JosephKw: Adam Goofparade: Beastman 6HM: Mossman Bella: Evil Lynn Asa o Leary: Randor music from the following sources: Tyler Bates - 300 motion picture soundtrack Shuki levy V.A - Bioshock complete soundtrack Alan Silvestri / Jerry Goldsmith - the mummy / mummy returns soundtracks.