The Haloist II

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Description: Movie by ArtificialArtist. Released May 1 2006. TRILOGY -- EPISODE 2 In the beginning it was all so easy....too easy! A World unlike any other, mysterious and everchanging... There is no escape! VOs by: -Sleeves -Dylen -Dulci -A_Ghost Production Time: 148 days packed with a thrilling story, self composed music, custom sound FX, custom sets, Props, Costumes and so on.... all custom content created by ArtificialArtist music performed by DOUBLESPIN, copyright ArtificialArtist - total uncut AMM material: 61:35 mins. (safety takes and stop-motion material included) - total AMM scenes created: 611 - total backdrops created: 433 (370MB)
Categories: Mystery Science Fiction