The Dark (Concept Reel)

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Description: Note: This video contains a flashing strobe effect. This "trailer" shows the concept behind the series The Dark. None of the stories contained in this "trailer" are the actual stories that will be produced. The actual stories remain to be selected. The Dark is an anthology series of short films in the genres of horror, supernatural thriller, fantasy, or science fiction. Each episode will be written by a different author and each will tell a complete story that sheds light into the darkest reaches of the mind, into deepest shadows of the imagination or into the blackest void at the end of the universe. The stories will be selected via a challenge at Simply Scripts. A One Week Challenge where the authors will have one week to complete their short screenplay. The Challenge start on Friday, February 5th and the deadline for a script is Friday, February 12th at 11:59 pm e.d.t. The challenge is free and is open to everyone. For more information or to participate please see
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